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Humble Beginnings
1/15/2009 4:30:17 PM

 In 1998 I had a bit of a thought that I wanted to be able to track my biking and my walking. Back then web applications were in their infancy still. My through was either create a small application based tracking program, or to harnass the power of the Internet to track not only my own exercise and information but that of other people as well.

In a social sense, I realized that tracking your own exercise is one thing. Being able to track that within the framework of others doing the same thing was a completely different animal all together. And so JustWalk/Biketracker was born. The early site was ugly but it did the job that was needed and that was to keep a central repository of this information for people. Some of the early groups were those that had real life walking clubs and needed a place to communication and socialize.

Since that time social networking has exploded. More information then ever before is in the reach and touch of users worldwide. People still use the system to track their exercise and I continue to do work in order to make the system easy to use and updated.

The think I've learned more then anything else is that by sharing one's data with others it creates a motivating framework from which all users can benefit.

Keep Riding!

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