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It offers so many possibilities

    Better Health
    Personal Satisfaction
    Improved attitude at the work place and at home
    Heightened Self Image
    Motivation for higher and higher health goals
    Dissipation of tensions, stress and frustrations
    Assistance to one's personal physician
    Providing a gauge for health improvement progress
    Something to talk about at boring parties!
    Better Health
WHY use
    It is a simple program to use
    The value afforded to the work place
    Since is web based, it is accessible anywhere
    Seeing one's name and accomplishments on the web is fantastic
WHAT ARE CLUBS? can accommodate groups as well as individual users. When multiple users become a club, the web stores retrievable data for members individually and collectively. Reports can be made from individual information or group information. Statistical data can be arranged in exciting ways: Individual user names, average times, mileage, club information with multiple variations. Using this kind of data provides innumerable motivational avenues as well as competition in both individual and club performance.

Corporations, businesses and non-profit entities can use as a means to promote the best possible mental, emotional and physical well-being of employees, clients or members. Individuals within a club or group enter information for themselves and by entering their club ccodetransfer all entries to their club or group.

Signing up is simple. Click Here to become a new user. With minimal 'fuss,' a user is ready to begin exercising to better health, better work and better living!

WHAT ABOUT PRICING? memberships come in an annual membership.

    Individual User Account $25.00 per year. This is an individual user membership that provides full access to the system as well as access to any clubs on the system provided they allow public access. You will also have access to private clubs as long as you have the password given by the club administrator. You can purchase the following memberships:
    • Annual Membership: $25.00

    • Click here to add a new user.

Club Sponsorship Club sponsorship allows you to sponsor any number of users within the system. By sponsoring users, you decide who has access to your club and who gets sponsored. Sponsorship is great for private groups where membership is already determined. It is also great for corporations to manage their health programs and sponsor their employees. Please email us for more information regarding discounted pricing for club sponsorship.

Sponsorship will also allow your club to be listed within the top section on the club list pages if you wish.
Email for more details.


  Corporate Health Director/Trainer?

Sponsor a MyFitnessPage group for your corporate wellness program and provide fitness tracking to all of your employees.

Click here for more information.
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