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Motivation and Success from Tracking and Logging!
You workout hard. You workout often. But are you doing better now then you were a few months ago? Experts agree that tracking and logging your exercise and workouts are the best way to make sure you are on track for fitness and weight loss. is a online suite of tools built around tracking and logging your fitness routine. We've been doing it since 1999 and have helped thousands of users maintain their fitness and motivation through the use of advanced tracking services and community.

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  • Track your Exercise Routines.
  • Track your Dieting Information.
  • Analyze your Exercise.
  • Set Exercise Goals.
  • Get motivated on the standings board.
  • View Reports.
  • View Charts.
  • Participate in a club.
  • Keep a Journal.
    So Much More then Paper and Pen
    If you're used to tracking your exercise on paper then you will love! allows you to go back into history and view past data, comparing it to present activity which gives you a perfect view of your fitness progress. does such advanced things such as comparing year to date to previous years, tracking mileage per pair of shoes or bike and comparing your current stats to others using the system. Give a try today!




      Corporate Health Director/Trainer?

    Sponsor a MyFitnessPage group for your corporate wellness program and provide fitness tracking to all of your employees.

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